Write Something Worth Reading

I heard this quote a long time ago. It’s Benjamin Franklin.

Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing.

I think it’s a clipped portion of a larger quote, but the above is the important bit.

It’s really something that has influenced my life in a great way over the past few years, in both a personal and a professional manner. I’m a fiction writer, so the link there is obvious, and the same part of the quote drives my development career too; after all, this too is writing, of a sort. I want to write something worth reading. The personal aspect of this perhaps takes a bit more interpretation, but it’s basically as follows…

I’m a husband, and a father, so I want to do right by my daughter and wife, at all times; I can still ‘do right’ by them if I simply provide care and cash. However, what I aim to do is enact the second part of that quote. I don’t just want to care for them, I want to surprise them, influence them, cause them to grow, and never allow myself to slip into comfort. I want to do something worth writing about.

For what I’ve learned throughout my short life so far, is that slipping into comfort can be an evil thing, and it will ignore the advice Ol’Ben gave, above. The only way I see myself making a significant impact on the lives (experiences) of my readers, users, wife, and children is by following that advice, staying out of my comforts and consistently delivering my all wherever it’s required in my life.

Write Something Worth Reading

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