This love does not compute

I don’t ever lie when I tell you,
“I love you with all my heart”
I say it with all possible truth,
but now it comes with a caveat.

You see, with what we’ve done,
with what we’ve created,
I’m forced to split with another one,
but you, my dear have not been downgraded.

To me, as a logic man,
the maths does not compute.
Loving you so completely,
loving another so supremely…
I have only one heart to give.

This is not a poem of adultery
Or an admission of wrongdoing,
Because for the love of this ‘other’
I know we both compete.

Since she came into our lives
I’ve been trying to articulate
how I can possibly arrive
At a conclusion I can calculate.

100% implies totality
but now, it is a duality.
Our daughter is my everything.
You are my everything.

This love does not compute

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